SIMMS Inventory Software Solution
Version 2018 vol 1.3
Installation Options

 Full Installation
 Client Installation (Will NOT install SQL Database)
Please click here and review release documentation ...

Choose the installer below
 On-Line Installation
If you have workstations or servers with internet access and wish to install SIMMS now then choose this option.
 Off-Line Installation
If your workstations do not have internet access and you wish to download the prerequisites and/or installer to install off-line then choose this option.

 SIMMS Windows Mobile
With SIMMS for Windows Mobile you can complete inventory transfers, issue items, receive goods, complete physical count adjustments in either batch mode or wireless on a Windows Mobile 5 device (data collector).
 SIMMS eCommerce
Web based Estore web application.
 SIMMS Online Help
Online help system.
 QuickBooks SDK 13.0
For SIMMS QuickBooks Plugin, download latest SDK. Note: QuickBooks Plugin works only on 32 bit computers.
Click here for help should you run into any installation issues.
 Simms2Go Installation
Simms2Go installation package

  • For all platforms, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest Windows Service Pack and critical updates available from the Windows Update Web site to ensure the best compatibility and security.
  • If you are upgrading from an older version of SIMMS you will have to review and reset the permissions for every user as we have made changes to user permissions.
  • When upgrading SIMMS please make sure you upgrade your installed SQL to SQL2012 or newer, for more information contact KCSI.
  • You can now batch print transactions, such as invoices and purchase orders, directly from the related transaction manager. However, this feature will not work for reports customized before this release. To update your reports, please contact KCSI for a quote.

  • Warning:
  • As an enhanced security feature only a system administrator is now able to upgrade a SIMMS database. For existing users of SIMMS who are upgrading, confirm in the User Manager that at least one user is assigned as a system administrator. To do this, in SIMMS go to Administration > User Manager. Select a user. On the Details tab, the System Administrator check box will be selected. (Note, on older versions of SIMMS this check box may read Sales Administrator).
  • LICENSE WARNING! Only companies with an active SIMMS Software Maintenance and Support contract are authorized to upgrade to the latest version of SIMMS, If you attempt to upgrade from a previous version of SIMMS without an active Maintenance and Support contract, you will be required to renew your contract or re-purchase SIMMS prior to being able to login to SIMMS Software.

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