SIMMS Inventory Software Solution

  Installer Known Issues
  • Full Installation - if user has already installed SQL2005 then check if has installed "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" and unininstall it before run SIMMS Install.

  •   Connection Known Issues
  • If you have sqlexpress installed on the same computer you are having the connection issues on then click here to make sure sql express is configured correctly.
  • Set SQL connection information.
  • Due to Microsoft's attempt in making our lives even more interesting, if your server is XP primarily (peer to peer network) you may get a connection error when trying to login to SIMMS, and you may not be able to establish a connection to the SQL server in the db connection screen, if this happens then click here to establish the ODBC fix, to allow naming conventions in the connection string.

  •   Registration Known Issues
  • If you receive a registration error when logging into SIMMS after upgrading click here.

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