SIMMS Inventory Software Solution
Troubleshooting - Set SQL Connection Instructions

  If you receive a connection error when attempting to login to SIMMS do the following:
1. Make sure your SQL server is up and running
2. Per ilustration bellow click OK
3. If you have sqlexpress installed on the same computer you are having the connection issues on then click here to make sure sql express is configured correctly, otherwise if not proceed to step 4 below
4. Per illustration below, click the db connection link
5. Per illustration below, click the ... to the right of server name to refresh the list of servers then select the SQL server name from the drop down
Note: By defult, username is "sa" and password "Allyoucaneat123!"
6. Per illustration at point 5, if you are not running a trusted network enter in the user name of sa and enter the password you assigned when installing sql then click save
  • if it worked login to SIMMS
  • if not then click here to try the ODBC Naming convention fix

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