SIMMS Inventory Software Solution
Troubleshooting - Registration

  If you receive a registration error or Trial version has expired message when logging into SIMMS after upgrading do the following:
  • On the Database server (computer hosting the SIMMS database) launch SIMMS and at the login Screen click DB Connection
  • Make sure you don't have (local) in the server name field, if you do change (local) with the computer name, if there is an instance like /sqlexpress leave the instance after the computer name
  • Click Save
  • Login to SIMMS from the Database server
  • Click OK on bellow prompt
  • On bellow image, enter your pin and click Save
  • Close SIMMS and re-launch
  • SIMMS should now be registered for your computer, if not please verify you have the correct PIN and that the rest of the registration information is correct and if it is then
  • Click on the online registration button on registration form
  • Make sure the company information is correct per your registration documentation and click check for registration updates per bellow image
  • If successfull then close SIMMS and relogin
  • if not successfull then call SIMMS Customer support at (604)-504-7936
  • Workstation Registration
  • For workstations you may have to login to SIMMS and enter your pin and click save. Close SIMMS and re-lunch.

  • Special Note re "-" used in computer names:
      Unless you want a headache attempting to connect to SQL Server, do NOT use dashes "-" in your server name or computer name in your network, for some brilliant reason computers cannot connect to SQL Express and SQL 2005 if the server name has a dash.

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